About us

Ylem Group has identified a need within the ESCO / EPC market for an SME contractor that is client-centric and offers long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both client and contractor.

It has formed a new company, Ylem EPC, with the express purpose of providing ESCOs and EPCs.

Ylem EPC benefits from the experience already gained by the Ylem Group in this sector combined with the expertise it has attracted into the company. Its team members have been delivering EPCs for over a decade.

What we do

We are a provider of Energy Services Contracts (ESCos) and the more specialist Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). We don’t get distracted and are completely dedicated to each project. For you, our partner, this translates into the kind of personalised attention you need and a guarantee that Ylem will deliver.

We provide expert services in the following areas: energy consultancy, site surveys, Investment Grade Audits (IGAs), installation and maintenance, energy saving guarantees, turnkey energy performance contracts and energy funding solutions.

What is an ESCo?

An Energy Services Contract (ESCo) is an energy-related contract where the supplier (Ylem) provides energy services within a long-term project. This could be heat for a community or a district heating network, for example. The supplier will operate and maintain the services for the lifetime of the contract. Often the design, supply, install and finance of the services are included in the contract.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a specific type of ESCO. The supplier (Ylem) implements and maintains measures on your site(s) to reduce your energy, water and / or maintenance costs, similar to a standard ESCO. The difference with an EPC is that the supplier guarantees the savings from the saving measures for the duration of the contract.

For more information read ‘the Ylem Way.’

Our Values

  • Responsibility: Our first responsibility is to you, our client. We are flexible in our approach to deliver high quality products and services that meet your needs and give you value for money. We design our solutions to ensure minimum disruption and maximum safety. Our mission is to build long-term relationships and respond to issues quickly.
  • Fairness: We are responsible to our employees. There must be equal opportunity for employment and growth. We provide competent managers who strive to be just and ethical at all times. We ensure working conditions are clean, orderly and safe. We respect and act on suggestions and complaints. We create conditions where employees have freedom and responsibility.
  • Community: We are responsible to the communities we work with. We ensure that our products and services meet all regulatory standards. We support communities through sponsorships, training and apprenticeships.
  • Integrity: We treat our suppliers and subcontractors fairly. We settle their invoices promptly and accurately, helping them grow their businesses.
  • Sustainability: To look after our clients and employees, we must ensure a long-term future for our business. To achieve this, we invest in expansion and build our financial safety net for adverse times.

Company Vision

As a specialist player in the ESCO and EPC market, we want to be known for treating our clients as equal partners, for delivering excellence through innovation and for keeping our promises. Guaranteed.

Our Customers

We serve the public and private sectors. We operate wherever there’s a need to save energy and where clients seek an experienced contractor to deliver and guarantee these savings.
For our public sector customers: We are members of the Essentia and Carbon Energy Fund frameworks, which comply with public sector procurement rules.

The Ylem Group

Ylem EPC is a subsidiary of Ylem Group Limited, a provider of energy-related services.

Ylem EPC is supported by its sister companies in the provision of EPC’s:

Switch2 Energy Ltd

Switch2 Energy offers end-to-end solutions in the community / district heating sector, from installing heat metering equipment to maintenance of heating systems and to client billing.
Visit Switch2 Energy Website

Essential Control Ltd

Essential Control provides cloud-based HVAC controls (EMAGINE system) and data monitoring. The company’s focus is on establishing a control strategy that maintains conditions while saving energy for clients.

Visit Essential Control Website

Ylem Energy Ltd

One of the world’s leading independent off-grid power generation experts, specialising in optimised landfill gas and biogas utilisation, as well as battery storage.
Visit Ylem Energy Website

CMR Consulting

A multi-disciplinary team of utility management consultants, covering all aspects of energy and water use.
CMR Consulting Ltd

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Richard put forward a solution that provided energy savings while meeting the Trust’s needs to replace aged plant. He was involved at all stages of the contract forming a good long term working relationship with the Estates Team. Richard was always professional in his approach and proactive in relation to energy savings at the Trust and we would be happy to work with Richard again in the future.

Darren Wardley Operational Estates Manager, Warrington and Halton Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust