How we manage Energy Performance Contracts

Stage 1

Opportunity Survey

We carry out a brief survey of your site, speak to your engineering team, examine records and study your energy consumption. We then identify whether there’s potential for an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), what the interventions should be and the costs associated with these measures. We calculate the savings you will make and introduce you to our savings guarantee.

We then present our findings to you and take you through the next steps. For private sector organisations, stage 2 can commence immediately. In the public sector, a scheme will need to be developed through an energy framework like Essentia or the Carbon Energy Fund. Working within these frameworks, stage 2 will be done during the procurement process.
(Contact us for a detailed document on what our survey covers, and what information we will require.)

Stage 2

Investment Grade Audit

The Investment Grade Audit (IGA) is the deep-dive… a comprehensive assessment that brings together all the information needed to make the right investment decision. It looks at four key areas:

  • Technical – A detailed analysis of interventions, energy savings, installation requirements and operating costs. We are a signatory to the European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting, and all our schemes comply with these standards.
  • Commercial – We look at methods to finance the scheme, either through available funds or third party finance. In certain circumstances, grant funding is available.
  • Programme – The IGA considers the timelines for implementation, how the work will be integrated with normal operations, the risks involved and how these risks will be handled.
  • Governance – Our solution will align with your organisation’s culture and values.

Depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of available information, the IGA can take up to nine months, but is normally completed within six months. Once finalised, stage 3 can begin.

Stage 3

Business case approval

Working together, and using your organisation’s template, we prepare a business case for the EPC scheme. Information from the IGA plays an important role in this process.
If needed, we can help you present the business case in order to get it approved.

Ylem also prepares the Project Agreement, which identifies how we will measure savings, and what equipment / systems we will maintain within the project.

Stage 4

Design, installation and commissioning

Once the business case is approved and the Project Agreement is signed, we proceed to design the energy saving interventions (in line with our agreement).

We manage the installation work and update you on our progress at regular meetings. We  keep you involved, every step of the way.

We commission works as we go. Often there is a phased approach to completing the works and connecting to existing systems. Construction works typically take a year to complete. Then, we’re into the final stage.


Stage 5

Operation, maintenance and the Ylem energy guarantee

We offer comprehensive maintenance for all the systems we install or upgrade, backed up by measured service response times within the Project Agreement. We have service engineers across the United Kingdom, trained to service heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Our partners are certified in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and use this standard to measure the savings we achieve. Savings are guaranteed over the lifetime of the contract, normally 15 to 20 years. If savings are not achieved, we reimburse you the difference. That is our energy guarantee.

Contact us for more information.